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The Strays - Official Trailer

The official trailer for The Strays featuring commissioned song ‘Jesu Maria’ throughout, composed by Graham McCusker

The Strays - Jesu Maria

Featured on The Strays (2023) streamed at #1 on Netflix.

Composed by Graham McCusker

Poem Written by John Henry Newman

Written and Directed by Nathaniel Martello-White

Published by Maisie Anthems

Shane - Marouli

The video for Shane, featuring Martin Quinn

Directed by Joseph Lynn

Music by Graham McCusker

Lyrics by Peter Quinn & Graham McCusker

The Essex Serpent - Abide With Me

This arrangement is featured in Episode 1 – ‘The Blackwater’ – Aired on Apple TV Plus – 13th May 2022

Singers include – Tom Hiddleston, Michael Jibson, Clémence Poésy, Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter from Stick in the Wheel, The Essex Serpent Singers, amongst others. 

On screen, as people start to sing the hymn, Cora (Claire Danes) is moved to tears as the music conjures up a traumatic memory and has a flashback, where she remembers vividly being branded by her husband.

His Dark Materials - Billy's Funeral Song

His Dark Materials – Billy’s Funeral Song – Composed by Graham McCusker 

Taken from Episode 5 – ‘The Lost Boy’

Aired on BBC One and HBO
Soloist – John Faa – Lucian Msamati